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Our Feed Brands


Hubbard Feeds provides nutrition programs to help improve the health, performance and well-being of your animals, and to make your life easier. These programs are designed using the latest technology and the best team in the business. Being passionate about your animals, your business and you, our customer, is a core value of Hubbard Feeds and the driving force behind “Products and Answers That WORK®.”

Advantages of Low-Moisture Blocks

"Quality doesn't cost, it pays." The old adage still rings true today — especially when you compare CRYSTALYX® low-moisture blocks with the seemingly less expensive upfront costs of other supplement options. Important benefits include:

  • Easy to store and handle — requiring minimal labor and no special equipment.
  • Easily accessible to livestock with consistent, self-limiting consumption.
  • Windproof, waterproof and waste-proof — won't blow away, get trampled or deteriorate in inclement weather conditions.

As with other supplements, low-moisture blocks and tubs can vary in cost, ingredient composition, nutrient content, storage requirements and consumption characteristics.

The Show-Rite show feed line is comprised of premium show feeds for cattle, pigs, sheep, goats and rabbits. Each is formulated to incorporate the newest ingredient technology available for maximum animal growth and visual appeal.

Homestead® Feeds offer high quality products to fill the growing demand of producers who desire antibiotic free and animal protein free feeds. The Homestead brand, through Hubbard Feeds ISO and HACCP programs, provides assurance for those producers who value traceability, safety and reliability.

Homestead Beef and Swine Feeds and Hubbard® Life Homestead Poultry Feeds are made with natural grains and proteins balanced with vitamins and minerals to provide optimum performance.